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Gangrene - You Disgust Me

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Fresh off the heels of compiling a musically diverse compilation for GTAV’s Welcome To Los Santos, The Alchemistand Oh No are back, bringing their Gangrene noise on a whole other level with the release of their long-awaited third full length record You Disgust Me. You Disgust Me begins where Vodka & Ayahuasca left off, with Al and Oh lyrically vandalizing the minds of the masses over gritty, psychedelic jazz, rock and fusion-tinged beats.

CD: comes with a 24-page booklet of photography by Jason Goldwatch.

LP: LP is a clear 2xLP with a 24-page 12" book of Jason Goldwatch photography + digital download card.


1. The Filth (Intro)
2. Reversals  
3. Sheet Music ft. Havoc and Sean P
4. Flamethrowers Pt. 2
5. The Man With the Horn
6. Better Things
7. Driving Gloves ft. Action Bronson
8. Gluttons ft. Your Old Droog and Fashawn
9. Scrapyards
10. Noon Chuckas
11. Just for Decorations ft. Chuck Strangers and Evidence
12. Hazardous Materials
13. The Hidden Hand